Discover NOS ALFA, our Trainee program and join a visionary organization that offers you the right conditions to grow. If you are more into Advanced Analytics, Cybersecurity, Software Development, System Engineering, among others, NOS ALFA Tech is the program for you.

On the other hand, if you’re interested in Marketing, Sales, Project Management, Customer Service, among others, apply for the NOS ALFA Biz.

Being a NOS ALFA trainee

It is to represent a generation with a strong personality, dynamic, looking to the future and totally focused on innovation. It is being part of a program in which talent and merit are recognized, differentiating themselves for their personal development opportunities. It means feeling the right ambition to act, fight, win and make a difference through quality and delivery. The program lasts for 12 months, in Lisbon or Porto. You will have the opportunity to work in two different areas of NOS, develop your skills and have a deep vision of the company.

  • NOS ALFA Program

    Hosting and On boarding
    NOS Alfa includes a complete week of total immersion in the NOS Culture with a Welcome session for new trainees, team building sessions, presentations of the different business areas, visiting key areas of the company, business challenges and moments of interaction with various company employees. 

  • NOS ALFA Program

    Mentoring and monitoring by the People management team from the 1st day
    To promote your personal and professional development, we’ve created a Mentoring program that provides inspirational moments, with senior elements in the company. You will also have a Buddy (former NOS ALFA trainee) to give you the best tips to help you integrate into the company.

  • NOS ALFA Program

    Projects with impact
    You’ll have the opportunity to participate in projects, for specific areas and transversal, with real impact on the company.

  • NOS ALFA Program

    During the program, you’ll have the opportunity to go through two distinct areas of NOS, because the program envisages a rotation at the end of the first 6 months of internship.

    Training at NOS CAMPUS
    You can also develop your talent and expand your knowledge through NOS Campus.
    During the program, several training moments will be provided in areas like project management, presentation techniques and client orientation, among others.

Who we are looking for

Applying to NOS ALFA Tech and NOS ALFA Biz is to want to be part of a visionary organization that offers the right conditions to grow.

We are looking for recent graduates with:

- Training in Engineering, Information Technology, Management, Economics and similar areas
- Full-time availability from January 2022
- Up to one year of professional experience


Main stages of the NOS ALFA recruitment calendar:

  • Online application
  • Online Assessment 
  • Video interview
  • Online interviews
  • Integration proposal
  • Start NOS ALFA


  • Testimonials

    "As a trainee, I integrated the Marketing Companies / Business Intelligence and Customer Relationship Management area and, later, the Content area in the TV and Digital Channels team, where I could have a professional experience linked to my great passions: cinema and series. Passing through two such different areas allowed me to grow in professional and personal terms. This double integration worked as an exercise in self-discovery, allowing me to interact with people with different personalities and working methods and also acquire knowledge and transversal skills."

    Gonçalo Henriques | NOS ALFA 2017 | Content

  • Testimonials

    "The NOS ALFA experience is an example of an unusual trainee program. During the onboarding week I had the opportunity to work with people from different backgrounds and get a taste of how challenging the business world is. It was also through the program that I met my buddy, who gave me as much support as possible, with whom I maintain a good friendship and with whom I share some of the challenges that arise on a daily basis."

    João Lourenço | NOS ALFA 2018 | Product Development

  • Testimonials

    "The program started with a week of integration, where we had the opportunity to meet other trainees and the different areas of the company, had hands-on experiences, development of real NOS case studies and contacted colleagues from many areas. All of these activities were essential to get to know the company and to prepare us for the first challenge: integrating myself in the Marketing and Business Product area. I'm doing a project in a team with a strong spirit of mutual help, rigor and excellence, supported by a mentor and a buddy. Working at NOS has been very challenging and motivating, and the program has only just started!”

    Ana Vila Luz | NOS ALFA 2015 | Retail